Annual Golf Tournament and AGM Technology Fair & Educational Forum


Annual Golf Tournament and AGM Technology Fair & Education Forum

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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Educational Sessions and Tradeshow followed by Tee-off at 2:00 p.m.

Morning: Annual General Meeting Technology Fair & Educational Forum
Afternoon: Annual Golf Tournament
Evening: Reception and Dinner

Guest Speaker: Scott Lynch, President & CEO, ABMA

Royal Woodbine Golf Course
195 Galaxy Blvd., Toronto, ON



Join CBS for our annual golf tournament and take advantage of this prime networking opportunity with fellow industry companies and professionals.

Date: Thursday, May 31, 2018 (directly following our AGM Technology Fair & Educational Forum)

Time: Tee Off at 2:00 p.m.


Single Golfer $125.00
Foursome $450.00
Dinner* $80.00

*directly following golf at The Vue restaurant at Royal Woodbine. Includes Reception and three course meal.


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*Free registration is for end-users. Vendor registration is $55.00/person



Annual General Meeting | 0800 – 0815
We are looking forward to your attendance!
The AGM will take place the morning of the Technology Fair & Educational Forum in Track A theatre, 
The Vue Event Venue at the Royal Woodbine Golf Course, 195 Galaxy Blvd., Etobicoke, ON M9W 6R7.











T R A C K  A

T R A C K  B


Boiler Controls and Enbridge Incentives
Matthew Cannon
Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc.




Boiler Feed Pumps with Variable Speed Drives
Reece Robinson






Flow Meters and Energy Management
Bob Griffin
Griffin Industrial Studies




Steam System Utilization
Desmond Saldanha
Charles Elliott
Spirax Sarco Canada Ltd.








Online Operator Logbooks and Data Management in Water Treatment
Micah Thomson
Klenzoid Canada Inc.




The Digital Power Plant
Blair Fraser
Lakeside Process Controls Ltd.







Golfers will be moved to carts by 13:30















  • ABB Inc.
  • Arctic Combustion / Lakeside Process Controls Ltd.
  • Chem-Aqua
  • Clayton Industries
  • Grundfos
  • Hamilton Boiler Works Ltd.
  • Jutzi Water Technologies
  • Klenzoid Canada Inc.
  • Masdom Ltd.
  • McRae Engineering Equipment Ltd. / Rentech Boiler Systems Inc.
  • Miura Canada Co. Ltd.
  • Newterra
  • Spirax Sarco Canada Ltd.
  • Thermogenics Inc.
  • Vapor Power International
  • Waterloo Manufacturing Company. Ltd. / Cleaver-Brooks


0815–0900  |  OPENING PANEL
Boiling Point: Hot Topics in the Industry


0815 – 0900



Track A Theatre


Patrick Racine, Klenzoid Canada Inc. (Moderator)
Glen Harrison, ABB Inc.
Paul Ingham, Thermogenics Inc.
Bob Montgomery, Waterloo Manufacturing Ltd.
Ron Polidori, Clayton Industries


  • Emissions standards and reductions to look out for in the future, MOE changes
  • Aging boiler failure mechanisms, what to look for in an aging boiler to prevent failure
  • Maintenance strategies
  • TSSA regulations and updates
  •      ASME changes
  • Incentives for manufacturing in Ontario
  • New boiler technologies
  • Innovative success stories 

0900–1145 | SESSIONS TRACK A
Boiler Controls and Enbridge Incentives


0900 – 0945



Matthew Cannon, Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc.


For the last 20 years Enbridge has been working with customers on energy savings initiatives, providing technical support and expertise leading to more efficient use of natural gas. These savings are incentable through the DSM program and help support business cases, fuel deeper savings opportunities, and perpetuate a culture of energy efficiency. Let us review some case studies, both capital and operational in nature, to improve the overall understanding of the services and support Enbridge provides.

Refreshment Break & Exhibit Walk


0945 – 1000

Sponsored by


Flow Meters and Energy Management


1000 – 1045


Bob Griffin, Griffin Industrial Studies


The compilation and writing of A Practical Guide to Selecting and Installing Flow Meters by Bob Griffin was sponsored by the Energy Solutions Center. This is an organization which is headquartered in Washington, D.C. and supported by its members who are gas utilities in Canada and the U.S. In Canada, sponsors of this project, are Union Gas, Enbridge and Gaz Metropolitan.

The guide book describes in detail 19 different types of flow meters in three categories: Differential Pressure, Mechanical and Electronic. The book is 140 pages long, however, there are four tables aimed at making selection easier for the user. These tables give the fluids for which each meter is suited, typical performance specifications, advantages and disadvantages and approximate cost.

The guide book is available at no charge to all major customers of these utilities, upon request. This project was initiated about five years ago and several versions of the guidebook have been produced but did not have wide distribution. The latest version, 2017, is now available. This presentation will show how the guide book is organized and how a prospective flow meter buyer can use it using examples from the tables and text.

Refreshment Break & Exhibit Walk


1045 – 1100

Sponsored by


Online Operator Logbooks and Data Management in Water Treatment




Micah Thomson, Klenzoid Canada Inc.


A comprehensive water treatment program is critical to minimizing the operational costs and maximizing the useful life of capital equipment in all steam boiler systems. Paper logs have long been used to track program results and identify results that are out of range. However, such logs are cumbersome when analyzing historical trends. Utilizing a cloud-based approach to logging and analyzing operator data, including water testing results as well as makeup and treatment consumption, a host of benefits can be realized. Some of these benefits include:

  • Verification that operators are performing the assigned tasks of testing and monitoring all systems
  • Ability to identify, communicate, and react to critical water chemistry problems quickly and effectively, with direct input from your water treatment representative
  • Ability to distill all data collected and proactively identify areas of concern, such as recurring results issues or test points in poor control
  • Ability to also analyze this data to identify and quantify potential projects to achieve savings in water, energy, or treatment consumption rates

With improved algorithms and tools, data management is becoming an increasingly effective measure at improving program results, and thus reducing operational costs and improving capital equipment life. The benefits of this approach can be seen through the results of a case study performed at Klenzoid on a large university campus, which will be briefly discussed. Through effective data management of over 50,000 water tests each year, the number of out-of-range water tests was reduced by over 60% in under two years. These improvements were only made possible using a powerful online logbook to record operator data.

Lunch and Guest Speaker: Scott Lynch, President & CEO, American Boiler Manufacturers Association



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0915–1145 | SESSIONS TRACK B
Boiler Feed Pumps with Variable Speed Drives




Reece Robinson, Grundfos


With Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) becoming commonplace for pumps these days it is important to understand how boiler feed systems can benefit from this type of control. It is also important to understand what VFDs can and cannot do, especially in problem solving situations. Topics to be covered include:


  • Principles of Operation for VFD pump control
  • Bypass Considerations
  • Control Mode Considerations
  • NPSH and Cavitation considerations
  • Potential Energy Savings
  • Environmental Concerns for VFD placement

Refreshment Break & Exhibit Walk


1000 – 1015

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Steam System Utilization




Desmond Saldanha, Spirax Sarco Canada Ltd.


Steam is the main source of heat and energy and with the new Cap and Trade regulation.

Steam System users should consider  benchmarking  their current Boiler house  conditions and look for ways  to improve steam generation efficiency.

Refreshment Break & Exhibit Walk


1100 – 1115

Sponsored by


The Digital Power Plant


1115 – 1200


Blair Fraser, Lakeside Process Controls Ltd.


The Industrial Internet is about connecting big data, machines, and the people who operate them. With this in mind, Technology is redesigning the way machines work and businesses take action as a result. The Digital Power Plant is the ideal synergy of machinery and software, combining the diverse needs of power assets with highspeed, intelligent digital infrastructure.

Research shows that digital plants will drive significant gains across the utility production value chain. For example, cutting production costs by a quarter in an average power plant and lowering CO2 emissions by 625 million metric tons, equivalent to 4.7% of expected global CO2 emission from electricity production.

This presentation will examine how digital utility plants leverage a large number of digital applications across the utility production value chain. A digital application is a combination of multiple technologies addressing a specific business requirement. For example, predictive maintenance, which is a combination of technologies such as IIoT, Big data, and artificial intelligence, is a popular digital application to improve productivity and reliability by minimizing unplanned downtime.

Lunch and Guest Speaker Scott Lynch, President & CEO, American Boiler Manufacturers Association 



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Matthew Cannon, CEM, Energy Solutions Consultant, Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc.

Matthew Cannon is a Certified Energy Manager with Enbridge Gas Distribution. Matthew is a Mechanical Engineering graduate of the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (or UOIT) in Oshawa.  He has been with Enbridge for nearly 5 years, most recently working with Customers on energy efficiency projects as an Energy Solutions Consultant (ESC) in the Institutional sector.  His main focus has been to work alongside numerous customers helping them to reduce operating costs and Green House Gas emissions.  In his free time Matthew, enjoys bird watching; if those birds are Blue Jays who happen to be playing baseball.

Blair Fraser, Leader, Operational Certainty, Lakeside Process Controls Ltd.

Blair Fraser is a passionate reliability and operational excellence professional and evangelist with over 20 years’ experience in designing, commissioning, maintaining and improving manufacturing equipment and processes for the manufacturing industry. A Certified Reliability Leader (CRL) and Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP), Blair has dedicated his career to combining sound reliability principles and processes with the latest technology to improve asset performance and uptime for several process manufacturing facilities.

Prior to joining Lakeside Process Controls to lead the development and implementation of clients Industry 4.0 strategy, Blair worked in and managed the maintenance and reliability programs at various manufacturing plants. Blair has dedicated the past years to learning, experimenting with and deploying machine learning and AI-based PoCs, pilots and production-grade Cognitive Asset Performance improvement projects.    

Bob Griffin, P.Eng., Griffin Industrial Energy Studies (GIE)

Bob is an independent consultant in Industrial Energy use to Large Commercial and Industrial clients. Bob is an Electrical Engineer having 40 years’ experience in Manufacturing, the Electric Motor Industry, and with all three major Gas Utilities in Ontario. (There used to be three). Griffin Industrial Energy studies does plant energy assessments which include gas, water and electricity. Fields of expertise are combustion, boilers and steam systems, ovens and furnaces, electric motors, and Metering Systems including energy management. When projects require specialized experts (e.g. compressed air, HVAC), GIE works with local experts in these fields.

Glen Harrison, Business Development Manager, Nuclear & Hydro, Power Generation, ABB Inc.

Glen Harrison manages Power Generation sales for ABB Inc. in Ontario and the Atlantic provinces. Glen has been with ABB since 1987, and has held a variety of positions such as; Field Service Engineer, Foreign Service Engineer, Turn-key Project Manager – Construction & Installation, Service Supervisor, and Account Management. Glen’s customer base includes large and medium sized fossil fired steam plants. Glen obtained his Instrumentation Engineering Technologist diploma from St. Lawrence College Kingston. Glen is a senior member of OACETT (Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians & Technologists) – Certified Engineering Technologist, 1983 and a senior member of ISA (Instrument Society of America)

Paul Ingham, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Thermogenics Inc.

Paul Ingham has 18 years’ experience at Thermogenics Inc. His current role includes product and territory expansion, sales team management, strategic initiatives and enhanced marketing. His background with Thermogenics includes; Welding, Fitting, Service, Production Control, Process optimization, Employee development, Product development and Market expansion. Paul has a degree in Construction Engineering Technology at George Brown College, Toronto ON.  Paul is a Gas Fitter ticket holder and Welding Technologies Certification ticket holder. Paul’s organization affiliations include: Canadian Boiler Society – Vice Chair and active member for past eight years; Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society – Industry Member; American Boiler Manufactures Association – Member; Master Brewers Association of Canada – Technical member; Ontario Ministry of Government and Consumer Affairs – Policy Advisor

Scott Lynch, President & CEO, American Boiler Manufacturers Association

Scott Lynch is the President & CEO of the American Boiler Manufacturers Association
(ABMA), a position he has held since June 2014. Scott oversees the day-to-day
operations and partners with the Board of Directors to continually enhance the
association and advance the industry.

Under his leadership, ABMA has rebranded and adopted the tagline Leadership for the Boiler Industry, re-established the Manufacturers Conference, enhanced the association’s presence at industry tradeshows and recruited 30 new companies.

Scott is frequent contributor to Power Engineering, HPAC Engineering and Plumbing & Mechanical, in addition to ABMA’s own Today’s Boiler magazines where he shares thought leadership on the boiler industry, addresses today’s challenges and how ABMA is offering industry solutions.

Prior to ABMA, Scott spent 15 years with SmithBucklin, the world’s largest association management company, holding executive positions with the American Bearing Manufacturers Association (the other ABMA), US Apple Export Council (USAEC) and National Association of Local Housing Finance Agencies (NALHFA).

Scott is a Certified Association Executive (CAE) and recently completed his tenure on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) Council of Manufacturing Associations.

Bob Montgomery, RSE, Technical Solutions Specialist, Boiler Plant Optimization Specialist™, Waterloo Manufacturing Company Limited

Bob Montgomery is the Technical Solutions Specialist and Cleaver Brooks Certified Boiler Plant Optimization Specialist at Waterloo Manufacturing who is the Ontario representative for Cleaver Brooks.

Previous to that, Bob worked for Cleaver Brooks as the Product Manager for Advanced Controls for Commercial Boiler and Packaged Water Systems.

He draws on over 30 years’ experience in controls and industrial communications to support the sales and service groups at Waterloo Manufacturing's locations in Waterloo and Ottawa.

His main focus these days is Boiler Plant Optimization with energy savings solutions, Boiler room training, helping customers travel the path to world class boiler room operations, and emissions reduction.

Ron Polidori, Canadian Sales Manager, Clayton Industries

Ron Polidori has been working in boiler sales and marketing for almost thirty years with two companies. He has represented CBS on various stakeholder committees such as CCME, BLIERS and TSSA expert panel. 

Ron specializes in low volume water tube boilers (steam). His main goal is to help clients understand total cost of ownership and proposing a solution that offers reliability, lowest life cycle cost and single source responsibility. 

Patrick Racine, P.Eng., CEM. General Manager, Klenzoid Canada &Eldon Water Inc.

Patrick Racine has a Mechanical Engineering degree from McGill University. He has 20+ years experience at Klenzoid Canada Inc.  In his current role as General Manager, Patrick is responsible for overseeing the operation of all districts and ensuring overall customer satisfaction. He is a recognized public speaker on topics of controls, pre-treatment solutions and Legionella prevention. 

Patrick is the Chair of the Canadian Boiler Society. Patrick is the Vice-Chair of ASHRAE’s Water Treatment Committee and a member of the ASHRAE SSPC 188. He co-authored ASHRAE’s Water Treatment Handbook and ASHRAE Standard 188.

He has held board membership for SEMPPES (South East Michigan Power Plant Engineers Society), MiSHE (Michigan Society of Healthcare Engineers). He was also an active member of SMSHE (Southeastern Michigan Society of Healthcare Engineers) He is a past committee member of AWT’s Regulation & Legislation Committee.  

Reece Robinson, Sr. Product Training Specialist, Grundfos

Reece Robinson is a Senior Technical Trainer for Grundfos Pumps Corporation. He currently works out of the Grundfos training center in Olathe, KS. He has been with Grundfos since 1997 and has held positions in product engineering, product management and has led the inside applications engineering team. He has been providing training, technical support and marketing support for variable speed pumping systems since 1999. Prior to Grundfos, he worked for a consulting engineering firm, providing energy analysis and HVAC system design. Mr. Robinson received a B.S. degree (Mechanical Engineering) from California State University – Fresno.

Desmond Saldanha, Spirax Sarco Canada

Desmond J Saldanha. MBA , B .Eng. (Mech.). My overall experience in the industry is 18 years, majority of that being in the Middle East within the Renewable Energy and HVAC sector. I have worked with German and US manufacturers , Viessmann  and Crane Co  respectively.  I have been with Spirax Sarco Canada since 2014. I look after steam users in South Western region of Ontario covering Milton and  up to London. One of my responsibility is to assist customers’ in identifying and delivering  sustainable thermal  energy efficiency improvement solutions and improve  process productivity through know- how in steam.

Micah Thomson, P.Eng., Account Manager

Micah Thomson is a professional engineer with a degree in Chemical Engineering from McMaster University and has been with Klenzoid for six years. As an Account Manager, he works directly with clients to achieve the lowest operational costs for their water systems through well-maintained water treatment programs.



Spirax Sarco Canada Ltd.


Vapor Power International


Clayton Industries.


ABB Inc.




Thermogenics Inc.


Hamilton Boiler Works


Miura Canada


Jutzi Water Technologies


Klenzoid Canada Inc.


Waterloo Manufacturing Co. Ltd./ Cleaver-Brooks


Arctic Combustion/Lakeside Process Controls Ltd.


McRae Engineering Equipment Ltd./Rentech Boiler Systems Inc..


Masdom Ltd.